We think business growth first. 

We plugin as your extended marketing arm and think as you do for your business growth and progression.

We work closely with the business stakeholders from leadership, marketing, technology, operations and your customer executives that matter to create a digital visibility,  engagement and impact for your brand.

We are a 15 year experienced Online Marketing & eCommerce Growth Consulting firm in Mumbai, India who evolve & provide effective eSolutions to Brands for their  websites, apps, mobile sites, progressive web applications, videos, social media, channels, progressive web applications,  podcasts and digital businesses.

Purely Organic, Proven Expertise, Performance-centric  Team

When you choose MindStar NetCorp, you can be sure of three things :

  • We’ll use only 100% Pure White Hat organic SEO techniques.
  • You’ll get Proven Expertise (Search Engine Ninjas) managing your campaign.
  • And, those Ninjas will be focused on Top Ranking Performance goals.

Our three pillars “Organic, Expertise, Team Work” approach requires more effort and may cost a little more, but like “a tailored bespoke suit” or “a fine dine cuisine” , the results are well worth it.

Kindly download the media reports on our SEO work below.

Times of India Media Report